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Welcome to

Adultstore with a wide range
and well-educated staff.

We also have a store at
Drottninggatan 71D
(in CUM Clubwear's basement)

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 12.15-18.00
Saturday: 12.15-16.00
Sunday: Closed

You can reach us at:
+468-410 361 11

Body Bag in Canvas Fabric
To be totally strapped in in a bodybag, there is few things that tickles a bondage kinksters mind...
SEK 2,999
Leather Straitjacket
A weakness/kink for Houdini, bondage or just for being powerless and stuck? This straitjacket...
SEK 5,669
Sleeveless PVC Top
This waist-long top gives You the possibility to choose between having it totally zipped up,...
SEK 699