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Welcome to

Adultstore with a wide range
and well-educated staff.

We also have a store at
Drottninggatan 71D
(in CUM Clubwear's basement)

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 12.15-18.00
Saturday: 12.15-16.00
Sunday: 13.15-17.00

You can reach us at:
+468-410 361 11

Short Leather Whip 36-tailed, Red/Black genuine
(This one is RED / BLACK even though it is an all black in the picture)
SEK 499
Short Leather Whip 36-tailed, Black genuine
Put a little extra "sting" to the games in bed or out in the club, with this sensual and...
SEK 499
Lockable red padded leather handcuffs
These exclusive handcuffs are made for maximum comfort. The thick soft lining makes the shackles...
SEK 849