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Under this category You will find Briefs & G-Strings for Him
Rio-String " Ornament"

Rio-String " Ornament"

Rio String "Ornaments" is for those who want to be challenging by giving a small glimpse of what's underneath without revealing too much.
String is both soft and comfortable and made ​​of 50% polyamide, 42% modal and 8% spandex.
Treat themselves to an evening with the little extra that this string provides.

Colors: Black

Brand: Svenjoyment

SEK 229

String Bronx
String "Bronx" of the brand Svenjoyment.
SEK 149
Thong "Unique"
Who does not want that little extra in the box with underwear.
SEK 169
Briefs Wetlook
The soft, shimmering material clings to the body like a second skin. Black.
SEK 195