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Under this category You will find Leather Pants for Her

Black leather pants

Black leather pants

Get the right image! With these sensual and cool leather pants you are guaranteed to have a good chance to draw attention to you and have the "right attitude", where ever you are!
The pants have an inside of beautiful silk fabric, which provides a nice comfort against your skin when you have your pants on you. They have a strong hidden zipper and a practical jeans button labeled CoL which is stamped on the button.
With the pants it also follow a leather belt that comes with the purchase. This belt has six finished eyelets which allow tightening the belt to the desired size. There is also plenty of space to make your own “hole” if you want.
The belt can also remove it if you wish, and replace it with a new belt in the five loops that exist or be without a belt. You do exactly as you yourself want! On each leg there is a small but powerful and hidden zipper at the bottom. This zipper measures 17cm at the bottom of each pant leg. Practical and ideal to open and close over your favorite boots! When the pants are not used they hang nicely and practically in your closet on the hanging loops, that is sewn inside the pants.

Brand: Chambers of Love

SEK 2,000

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