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Under this category, you will find leathertops for him.

Leather Polo Shirt (multiple colors)

Leather Polo Shirt (multiple colors)

The shirt has a strict tone to it that is just perfect when you want to give the right impression! Made from the softest of calf hide this will quickly become a favorite!

It has colored detailing that lets you hanky flag with ease.
Hanky codes originate from gay culture of the 70-ies and was simple and discreet way to flag interest in various sexual activities. There are many differing standards for hanky codes but usually a color on the left side indicates a top or giver and on the right side a bottom or reciever. The 5 colors Chambers Of Love offers in our collection are normally interpreted in the following manner:
Black: BDSM
Red: Fisting
Yellow: Wet
White: Masturbation
Blue: Fucking

Product information:
Size: S-XXXL
Color: Black, Red, Yellow, White or Blue

Brand: Chambers Of Love

SEK 1,249