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Corset-West underbust model

Corset-West underbust model

Ever dreamed about getting a delicious attitude but do not want a corset on you? Then this corset-vest is the ideal option for you!
Corset vest gives you not only a beautiful posture; it also keeps quality both for everyday use and the party! The inside has a nice and comfortable fabric in red silk for convenient comfort and the outside is the softest black lambskin. Two shoulder straps keep your corset-vest easily into place, and a rounded shape provides plenty of space to emphasize the breasts in this underbust model. Wish not so much focus on highlighting the breasts? No problem! There is plenty of space to for example have a white t-shirt or top in - stylish!
In the front of the vest, it is a heavy-duty zipper, which is in the open model. On the front, in the middle of corset-vest also has a 3cm wide, horizontal leather strap sewn on each side. On one of this leather strap it is a strong buckle and on the other one, it is four eyelets. This allows the corset-vest also be closed again horizontally.
With strong and sturdy laces eyelets running along the entire back, you do not be afraid to tighten and constrict your corset-vest firmly, into the desired shape.
Corset-vest also has steel rails and has V-shaped lobs.

Brand: Chambers of Love


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