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Under this category, you will find silicone-based lubricant from PJUR
Pjur Basic Silicone 100 ml
Pjur Basic silicone is our entry-level product in reliable silicone quality that is good value...
SEK 149
Pjur Back Door Relaxing Glide 100 ml
This is a silicone based relaxing glide, specially for anal play.
SEK 229
Pjur Med Premium Glide 100 ml
Pjur med Premium silicone glide is specially formulated for dry or highly sensitive mucous...
SEK 239
Pjur Woman 100 ml
This is a siliconbased glide for the soft and sensitive skin of women that particularly in the...
SEK 189
Pjur Orginal 100ml
For all-around product for maximum enjoyment. Pjur Orginal is the first and bestselling personal...
SEK 189