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Underbust Black Satin "Empress"

Underbust Black Satin "Empress"

This impressive underbust has all you can wish for. Wide hips and extra length makes fit perfectly on most body types. Well constructed in the highest quality it lifts your bust and gives an excellent hourglass shape.

Our corsets is our pride and our baby. They are all very well tailored with the craftmanship of the classic corset. It’s made out of three layers of fabric that make the corset keep the form of both itself and Your body. Wide spiral steel boning is the natural choice in our production since they don't break as the plastic ones tend to do and even better, they are just flexible enough without loosing their form so, to quote our store manager, “Your body is formed by the corset, with plastic boning the corset is formed by Your body”. We have strong laces in the back so when You tighten it You will get the classic sensual form a corset is known for. To enhance the quality more we use busks of steel in the fastening in the front so You get a good support and the corset stays where it’s supposed to. Our corsets are truly a really good choice and You will feel more beautiful than ever and Your posture will be perfect without hard effort.

Since we think all forms are beautiful and everybody deserves the feeling of a fabulous corset You can find them in sizes up to 42” (116 cm waistline).

All of our corsets also have attachment for shoulder-straps and suspender-slings.

The sizes are all in inches (18” - 42”), check the size-chart for Your measurement.

If You take a picture with one of our corsets and upload to social media, we would be greatful if you tagged us!

#CoL #ChambersOfLove

Product specification:
Size: Chose size from 18"-42"
Material: Satin, metall, cotton, steel bones
Color: Black satin

Brand: Chambers of Love

SEK 1,609

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