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Hemp Ropes

Hemp Ropes

Hemp rope is very useful in bondage. There are no end to the possible positions in wich you can tie up your partner, it´s entrancingly beautiful to look at and if you learn Shibari (or the art of tying someone up really efficient ant neat)... Well, let´s just say that you´re going to need alot of rope then!
This rope is 10m long, weighing about 275g and has a diameter of 7 mm.

Brand:Fetish Line

SEK 119

Mini Chemise Dress
Sexy chemise dress with neat details at the bottom, cross front and back pattern and sides in a...
SEK 249
Siren Faux Lace Chemise
Attractive chemise in mesh with an elegant lace pattern.
SEK 279
Lace Camisole Chemise
This sheer camisole has a n attractive symmetrical lace patterns on the side.
SEK 279
Pinstripe Black-White
This pinstriped model with a zipper instead of busks in the front is the perfect choice when You...
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CO001 Satin Black
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Overbust Sheep Leather, Black
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 SEK 2,079  
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 SEK 1,479  
Overbust Pink Brocade Satin with Black Edging (for smaller bust)
The so called K-model is a classic beauty, it’s cut for the smaller bust. Made in light pink...
 SEK 1,679  
Overbust Black Brocade Satin (for smaller bust)
The so called K-model is a classic beauty, it’s cut for the smaller bust. Black brocade with the...
 SEK 1,679  
Overbust Purple Satin with Black Lace (+Bolero)
Purple satin with black lace is really seductive and this corset has just that and is just that.
 SEK 1,969  
Overbust Pink Brocade Satin with Black Edging
You will draw attention in this classic beautiful corset made from detailed pink brocade with...
 SEK 1,419  
Overbust White Satin with Black Lace and Shoulder Straps
White satin and black lace details which accentuates hips and bust giving Your waistline an...
 SEK 1,519  
Overbust Maroon IR Silk with Black Edging
Dark shimmering maroon silk makes this corset both exciting and dashing. The strait line in the...
 SEK 1,419  
Overbust Coral Blue Satin
Blue corset made from sensual satin with zipper. Some might think the model is plain but let the...
 SEK 1,419  
Overbust Black Brocade Satin (dragons) with PVC Details and Beautiful Hooks
With the steampunk-victorian style and the black brocade with dragons this corset charms most...
 SEK 1,419  
Floral Shade Mesh Body Stocking
Body stocking with petal pattern on the upper part and low back.
 SEK 259  
Fishnet Halter Body Stocking
A sexy black sheer body stocking in fishnet with a halter top and a sensual low back.
 SEK 259  
Black Intimate Lace Detail Body Stocking
This sexy body stocking has lace detail on the bust and thighs with a bustier effect.
 SEK 259  
Fishnet Zip  Halter Teddy
Hot sleeveless teddy in fishnet with a halter top and a zipper on the front.
 SEK 229  
Nipple Pump 10 pc set
Set of 2 nipple suction cups and 8 rubber fixation rings.
 SEK 199  
 SEK 229  
Zig Zag Shred Seamless Long Dress
When you want to show more than just your style is this dress a good addition to your wardrobe.
 SEK 299