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Under this category You will find sex pharmacy & aphrodisiac products for her

ORGIE The Secret Seduction Elixir

ORGIE The Secret Seduction Elixir

The Secret was created to combine functionality and seduction. On top of all its sensual appeal, The Secret yet reveals ten (10) reasons for you to always have yours:
- Skin moisturizer
- Hair UV-protector
- Split end repairer
- Anti-frizz
- Detangling
- Protects the coloring
- Gives shine to the hair
- Softens skin and hair softness
- Gives a volume boost to your hair
- And last but not least: It has aphrodisiac scent, active pheromones and a delicate satin touch.
Its formulation is made with active pheromones that is inspired by an exotic sensuality. It has a satin touch that when applied on the body evokes the irresistible attraction of a second soft and scented skin.

Do not use on damaged or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes and test for allergy by applying a moderate amount on your arm before use. Do not ingest.

Product information:
Volume: 200 ml
Store: Cool and dry

Brand: Orgie

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