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Under this category You will find dongs (i.e. dildos without vibration)
Double Up Tapered Double Dildo
Share it with a partner or have this super realistic double dildo all to yourself!
SEK 499
Ultra Soft Dude
Explore every inch of the Ultra Soft Dude dildo. Satisfy yourself with every vein, curve and...
SEK 499
Skinlike Double Penetration Soft Cock
Featuring twin shafts perfectly sized and positioned for tandem vaginal and anal play. Made with...
SEK 589
Dependable Pleasure Puramour
This gorgeous dildo is perfect for those that want a firm yet pliable dildo that follows you as...
SEK 539
Silicone Fantasy Double Prober
Experience heightened arousal and a stronger erection with this silicone strap on attached penis...
SEK 309
Black  Strap-on Compatible Dong
It has a just the the right curve to make it easier to reach those really nice spots and it also...
SEK 319
Glass Romance 14
This elegant glass buttplug comes in two colours. This smooth and hard toy is ideal for anal play...
SEK 289
Glass Romance 12
This simple and elegant glass buttplug comes in two colours. The classical shape makes this...
SEK 289
Glass Romance 11
For even more exciting experiences, this toy can be chilled in cool water or refrigerator or...
SEK 299
Glass Romance 09
This enticing glass toy comes in two colors. The shape gives this smooth and hard toy an...
SEK 329
Glass Romance 07
This exciting glass toy comes in two colours. Enticingly smooth and hard, the bulbous head is...
SEK 329
Glass Romance 05
This toy, which is more reminiscent of a piece of art, comes in two colors. Smooth and hard with...
SEK 329