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Under this category You will find kegel- and Ben Wa-balls

The main advantage of kegelballs is that You train Your vaginal muscles, thus preventing incontinence which is commonly found in women who have given birth or when coming up in higher age. Another advantage is that with well-trained vaginal muscles that makes us feel more of touch and penetration. Well-trained vaginal muscles can also provide stronger orgasms, and who doesn't want that?!
Kegel Balls "Alien Drop"

Kegel Balls "Alien Drop"

These are the prettiest kegel balls on the market, for when You want to give Your pelvic floor training an extraterrestrial touch!

These kegel balls are perfect for both beginners and long-time users to train both vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to intensify orgasms as well as tighten up the vagina after childbirth and prevent incontinence.

They are made with a silicone case around the two kegel balls for the sake of Your comfort and also have a silicone string at the end, which is used as a pull cord for easy removal. The balls have a weight (26 grams) inside each plastic shell and You get a sensual workout as You move about with the kegel balls inside. Go for a walk, climb stairs, dance, as long as You keep moving the training will happen almost automatically!

You can also wear them while, for example, getting spanked (if You like that) or similar things. You can do this to heighten the stimulation even more since the motion of the weights moving around inside the balls can give some people a really enjoyable feeling.

The biggest reason to use kegel- or Ben Wa balls is to strengthen the pelvis floor and PC muscles, which helps after childbirth and to prevent incontinence but most of all: to make Your orgasms stronger, give You control over Your orgasms and give You more strength to squeeze and stimulate during penetrating sex!
So easily spoken; improved muscle tone is equated with stronger, more powerful orgasms and improved pleasure!

With Kegel- and Ben Wa-balls of different kinds is it VERY important to use a lot of lube, preferably silicone-based, so that it actually is Your muscles that holds the balls inside of You and not Your mucous membranes. If it is to dry and to little lube You can actually damage Your mucous membranes and You don't want that.

The kegel balls are easy to clean with hot water and sextoy cleaner, You will find that in the menu on the left.

Product specification:
Size: Total length with silicone string: 7,48 inch
Length without silicon string: 3,94 inch
Balls diameter: 1,34 inch
Silicone case diameter: 1,77 inch
Total weight: 78 grams
Material: ABS-plastic and silicone
Color: Cerise-pink and purple

Brand: Chambers of Love

SEK 199

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