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Anal Ripples - King size

Anal Ripples - King size

Enjoy your big time with our full sized Anal Ripples, where as the name gives away, the ripples makes the difference. It’s soft, flexible and girthy. Since it’s that big it’s a challenge even for the experienced user of anal toys and it will take you to new levels of ecstasy and lust. The ripples gives another dimension and enhances the sensation.

The ripples wavelike shape on the top gives just that, waves of indulgence. It has a weight that gives pleasure just holding and feeling it.

Note: Remember to always use lubrication and cleaning your toys thoroughly before and after use.

Product specification:

Total length: 11.25 inches
Insertable length: 10.25 inches
Base diameter: 3.7 inches
Circumference: 11.2 inches
Material: Phthalate free PVC
Color: Black
Weight: 916 g

Brand: Chambers of Love

SEK 549

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